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Midwest Rake Coatings Accessories


Smalley & Company is stocking over 50 new SKUs of Midwest Rake products in all of our locations.

  1. Spiked Shoes: 3 different types and one of which is the new "slip on" shoe
  2. Roller covers: 4 different nap sizes
  3. Roller frames: 3 different types
  4. Roller handles
  5. Spiked rollers
  6. Squeegee frames
  7. Squeegee blades: 14 different types based on notched, no-notch and length
  8. Mixing paddles
  9. Mixing barrels
  10. Measuring wheels and brooms

For a complete list of products, click on the Midwest Rake Flyer - Click here for a flyer!